Clay Stamps – LeRoy Grubbs

My name is LeRoy Grubbs.

I am a artist, a sculpture that throws clay.

A favorite verse “I am the potter, Thou art the clay”.   Seeing the clay move and be transformed with consistent gentle pressure, parallels God’s interaction with me, as each piece of work is created.

My Life verse:   “When I am old and grey headed O God, forsake me not until I have shown they power unto this generation and they strength unto them that are to come.”

I was not always like this.   Once a long time ago I only did computers.   So there is still some visages of my past life like:,…   there are many more.   The Smart TV is the internet’s new frontier.

Yes, An artist that still does websites.

I’ll add more to this as I figure out what to say.Please ask questions, I’m here to serve.

Clay Stamps