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Food for Potters

Here’s a link to the youtube feed for pottery demonstrations. I do quite a variety of things and enjoy doing the videos. My heros are out there: William (Bill) Schran, Steven Hill, Danny @ Spinner Earth Pottery, Simon Leach, Hsin-Lin, Steve Booton Ceramics, Ellary Blair, Todd Schultz, and there’s soo many more. Just a few that have come to mind this morning in no particular order of importance…

Here’s the video feed from Hope you find them entertaining. Playlist of pottery demonstrations.

I’ll be recording more in my new studio here in Houston.

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Thank you


My stamps have arrived and I am delighted with their quality and test results.

The 1 ½“ stamp artwork was created for print while the ½” makers mark stamp was modified for clay stamping by eliminating the frame/text overlap.  I was pleased to find that this overlap detail remains clear in the large stamp.  I will experiment with underglaze to colour the text and frame.

Thank you for your kind attention to detail, superb product quality and prompt delivery. 

Kind Regards,

David Gregory

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Give a gift, get a gift

Are you going to get what you wanted for Christmas? Here’s a limited one time offer you wont believe. Give a Gift certificate to a friend and get 50% off a stamp of your own. You’ll have to send me an email for the coupon code to get the discount.

Offer is good through the end of 2019.

Merry Christmas!