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Thank you!


The Doberman and hummingbird stamps arrived today and they are phenomenal!  What great detail and you have captured my designs exactly.

I’d like to order two more… I’d like the same hummingbird stamps with the same size only a mirror image of them… so when I stamp them into clay, it can appear that they are flying in opposite directions….



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Merry Christmas to All and to All the greatest blessings for 2019

Thank you to you all for making this year a smashing success.   I wish you all the greatest of blessings this Christmas season and coming year.   We continue to grow and make stamps for artists all over the world.

The Empty Bowls project continues to grow and expand.   I would like to ask a favor.   We have a very unique opportunity to share the bowls we make with the world.   Are you able to send a bowl?  First to share your culture with us, second to help us to share your culture with the world.   All bowls will be featured on the Empty Bowls website and then published in a book (when we have enough).   If interested please do follow up with me directly I’ll send you more information and keep you on the list.

For those who are able to send in a bowl in exchange I’ll send you a free 1/2″ (approx. 12.7mm) custom signature stamp.   Email me for more information.


LeRoy Grubbs  –  email:

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Get it by Christmas

Christmas Tree Stamp

GET IT BY Christmas. With a FREE 2019 date stamp. Customer was just placing an order today and asked if it could be possible to get the stamp by Christmas!! YES Great Gift Idea, Stamp or Certificate! Turn around is typically “Next week”. 14 more days to order to get it by Christmas. Please use the “Christmas” Coupon code for a FREE 2019 Date Stamp with your order. It’s Christmas Time!! Happy Holidays to all and to all the greatest of God’s Blessings for you and your family.

Christmas Tree

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Stamp Design Ideas

Lady Bug

If you like to order a stamp and have a question about sizes and designs I hope this helps.

For instance, a 1″ stamp size is determined by the longest dimension.   Horizontal or Vertical or 1″ x 1″ square.

The 1″ stamp can be in any of the following configurations.

Stamp Design Ideas
Stamp Design Ideas

Hope this helps to convey the idea of possible stamp designs.

Consider all your ideas inspired, Nobody will have just one.