Wood Burning Stamps

Custom wood working brands and wood burning tools.   The recommended heavy duty soldering iron is Weller SP80NUS Heavy Duty LED Soldering Iron, Red/Black Available on Amazon for a reasonable price.  

Christmas Gift Certificates??

Christmas Gifts Certificates are the best for your favorite potter. Cheers from Jay in Texas: Hi LeRoy, Just wanted to let you know that I received my stamp and have tried it out.  It is fantastic.  Really happy with it. Thanks again for the great service! Cheers,  Jay

Website Critique?

Better WebSite Suggestions How’s this website doing?   What can be improved.   Things I don’t like??   How are you finding Clay Stamps?? All suggestions are greatly appreciated!   Happy Holidays! This is all about how to create a better site that is user friendly.   As the host of the website I tend to be … Read more

How to make a stamp?

Here is a quick link to a youtube video on how to make a brass stamp.   There are a number of things to consider.   Hope this helps. Video:  How to make a stamp. LeRoy 816-565-4300

Combined Stamps

Combined a rubber stamp and brass stamp for this beautiful logo for Third Space Coffee.   The impression is made and then the rubber stamp is an overlay.