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Free Shipping

For those that have come this far…   Curiosity Pays Off  “fs” = Free Shipping

Discount Codes

google =  For those that have found us on Google (or from any where else).  10% aka free shipping.

Multi Stamp discounts if you buy more then one.

2x = 10%  (Like the Free Shipping)

3x = 10%  (Like the Free Shipping)

4x = 15% (if you are ordering four stamps then get a fifth one.)

5x = 20% (buy four get the fifth one free)

You can always order more then 5 stamps and use the 5x discount code.   Shop online here!

Questions about How to Order a Custom Stamp?  FAQ – How to upload and place orders.  or Please give me a call at 816-565-4300.

Providing the Highest Quality Custom Brass Stamp.  This is an engraved brass stamps for Ceramic artists, Polymer clay artists, PMC artists, Tile makers, Brick, Glass embossing and Pipe manufacturers.

FAQ How to Video:  Custom Stamp Link to

Instructions and Tips to making the best custom stamp from Signatures, Initials, logos and hand drawn designs in the world!!

Thank you very much!