Custom Brass Stamps #claystamps

Metal Stamping Kits

Yes,   we make custom metal stamps.

Can be used on light metal and foils as well as any impress-able material.

Custom Metal Letter Stamps, Maker Marks and Logos

These are custom metal stamps made form engraved brass with a solid wood or brass handle.   We can do any size (  from a pin point (1/4″) to 12″ x 12″ plate.

Can be used for wood burning, branding, hot glass and impressed into clay. Creating a permanent impression.

Unlimited uses for artists with a new idea.  Great for creating stamped metal tags for art shows.  Beautiful custom designs for stamped jewelry.

We can do it all.   Give me a call.

Please do send any questions and artwork to   Would love to help.





Metal Stamping Kits
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