Custom Brass Stamps #claystamps

Smallest stamp is 4mm < 1/4"

If you would like to order a stamp that is between 0 and .50″ please order the 1/2″ stamp here.ย  I used to have a 1/4″ stamp for sale but that caused some manufacturing problems.

So anything between 0 and .5″ is the 1/2″ stamp.

Typical turnaround is next week.



Best file formats for images are .ai, .eps, .pdf.ย  Vectored formats with outlined fonts.

Next is high resolution (300dpi) graphic files like .png and .jpg or jpeg.

A Screen shot of your work in as large a window as possible.ย  Closeup picture with your cell phone and email it to

Smallest stamp is 4mm < 1/4"
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