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What is your refund policy?


I hate to say this but there has been times when for one reason or another a stamp doesn’t work out as expected by the customer.   We make custom stamps by hand in a very competitive world market.   At the end of the day we can only offer credits towards another stamp or other product rather then a refund.

My guarantee is this:

The design you provide and approve for a stamp will be reproduced 100% guaranteed to the highest precision in the industry.   IF upon receiving your stamp there is something in the design that doesn’t really work like you expected, THEN we would be happy to remake the stamp if you can meet us half way on the cost.

Thus I will be willing to forgo all profitability on the second stamp with the requested design change in an effort to make the stamp better for you.   But I can’t sell the farm to pay for the remake and give the second stamp for free.

Please give me a call to talk about it!





What is your refund policy?

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