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Life Style

Magic Mushrooms

The story of my tiny toadstools…Every piece that I make is inspired by nature and narrative. Since the Middle Ages, the image of the toadstool has captivated poets, mystics and artists — throughout fairy tales and folklore the toadstool is synonymous with magic and wonder. But perhaps more magical than any fairy tale, the red-and-white […]

S. White

Hi LeRoy!I wanted to send you a few pictures and videos as requested (sorry it took so long!) and also inquire about making me another custom stamp. First off, I have attached 2 video and 2 still pics of my 1/2″ brass stamp that I LOVE! I have told anyone who will listen to order from […]

The Eagle Has Landed

Good afternoon LeRoy 😊The eagle has landed! Yay💕Received my stamp today just got it out of my letterbox 15 minutes ago!Love it!Covid must have delayed it somewhere along the big journey from the other side of earth. 😉Thank you again for your help and support.Looking forward to further business in the future.Kind Regards Sandra

LeRoy Grubbs Art

My first piece of art on Etsy. Thought you all would like it. I’ll take another picture of it today. Up to this point I have just sold things locally with friends and local pop up fairs. This is a new adventure. I appreciate the likes. More to come.


Amazing Custom Stamp for Clay I really enjoy the creation of a form in clay, then firing, then finding a home for it.   I have got to make more. Beautiful Simple Cup There is so much to the simplicity of this form.   It is a beautiful simple cup. 🙂 LeRoy

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