Custom Brass Stamps #claystamps


Jack – Royal Cross Stamp

Got the stamp. Looks great. Don’t blow glass again till Friday and I didn’t want to wait to see it so I just hit a little piece of float glass with a mapp gas torch. It works beautifully, even at the lower temp. I’ll send a pic when I use it on my pieces Friday. Liked the little […]

Different types of stamps for clay.

There are many different types of stamps for clay, each with their own unique features and purposes. Here are some examples: Hand-carved stamps: These stamps are made by hand-carving a design into a block of clay or other material. They can be used to create intricate patterns or designs on clay surfaces. Textured stamps: Textured […]

BLM TIP Mustang Rescue

Hi!So there are virtual auction adoptions every few months for mustangs! I can’t really offer mugs for each auction adoption because hundreds of people adopt in each online adoption and I don’t even have my own kiln yet, I use Melyns 🙈🤣. What I do plan on doing though is contacting the mustang heritage foundation […]

Stamps for Pottery

Here are a variety of designs and pictures of stamps for pottery. Custom designs and hand crafted. Customer sends in the artwork for review and places the order for the size of stamp they would like here: Typical turn around for the custom stamp for clay is next week. Meaning if you place the […]

Creative Guide to Success

Visit Clay Stamps for custom brass stamps that allow you to make it easy to leave your mark on your work. A Creative’s Guide to Selling Your Work at Art Pop-Ups, Craft and Vendor Shows Whether you’re a potter, photographer or painter, having a creative hobby can benefit you in many ways. It can boost […]

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