Custom Engraved Brass Clay Stamp

Questions about How to Order a Clay Stamp?   You are welcome to give me a call at 816-565-4300.

Providing the Highest Quality Custom Clay Stamp made, engraved metal stamps for Ceramic artists, Polymer clay artists, PMC artists, Tile makers, Clay brick and Pipe manufacturers.

Instructions and Tips to making a great ceramic stamp with Signatures, Initials and hand drawn designs in the world!!

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Custom Engraved Signature or Mark for Clay Stamp

For best results with a drawing use a very fine liquid rollerball style pen on a gloss paper (i.e. photo printer paper or similar). You can do many signatures or drawings until you get look you like.  As for size the bigger the signature or image the better the detail in the stamp. Circle the image(s) you like. If necessary we can easily adjust the size, just tell us what size you want it.
TIP: The most common sizes for signature stamps is 1 – 2 inches in length. We can make stamps any size but keep in mind the larger the stamp the more pressure needed to get a good impression and they are less versatile for placement on your work.


We can also lay out type for clay stamps.

Tell us your preferred font and size. If possible give us a second choice just in case your font isn’t available.

TIP: When possible use thin, open styles of fonts and try to avoid bold styles. Bold fonts require more pressure to stamp and don’t transfer as well.

We can also layout fonts on curves, circles, seals etc. an additional charge may apply. Include a sketch of the look you want on the order form or just email a scanned drawing to us. Please include desired dimensions and fonts or style of font you prefer.[/list]
We can make clay stamps from your existing logo.

We can make stamps from your logo from a high quality B&W image or digital art (preferred)
Preferred digital art formats: .pdf, .tif, .png, .jpg, .psd, (600+ dpi greyscale or B&W), .ai or .eps (converted to outlines) . If these file formats are not available send us what you have and we can probably work with it. If necessary we can easily adjust the size, just tell us what size you want it.[/list]
Digital art can be emailed to: info@claystamps.com. Please include your name, mailing address, phone number and desired dimensions of image.

If you have a question here is a quick video on how to place a order.   Video for new orders and accounts!

For more information about our Custom Clay Stamps please read the FAQs.

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Making your mark in clay.

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