CNC for highest precision

Each custom brass signature stamp is engraved by Mil-Spec CNCs to ensure the highest quality of workmanship and detail in a metal stamp.   Good for use in all clays.

No limitation of size and details.   Proof provided for all stamps.

Please call if you have any questions.

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Do you love your new stamp?

Do you love your new stamp?

Might it be possible for you to share your stamp and image online?   

If yes,  Here’s the links for FBInstagram and Pinterest.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!



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Stamps for Glass

Stamp for Glass

Yes,   we make stamps for glass to be used in glass studios.

Example of a stamp for glass

Here’s a quick link:   for some example.

Send me your design ideas and I can make a custom stamp for glass.   Place the order online here:



Stamp for Glass
Stamp for Glass
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Mudslinger Tools

“Mudslinger” Clay Modeling Tools

by Mark Schlicher

I’ve been working on a number of new tool sets, to make sure that I can supply any orders promptly. I’m thinking about the following:

1. For now, I prefer to sell mostly as complete sets. If there is interest in single tools, I’ll consider selling those (see also below). But since mail has gotten so expensive, it doesn’t seem very cost-effective for buyers. 

2. The basic set would be three modeling tools (Cherry), plus a drawing knife (Walnut) and an artist's plumb bob. The dimensions:

 1” x 3/4” x 10”
 3/4” x 3/4” x 9”
 3/8” x 3/8” x 8”
 1/4” x 1” x 8” (Drawing knife)
 3/4” x 3/4” x 3” with brass weight (plumb bob)

3. An extended set would add a fourth modeling tool (Cherry): 1 1/2” x 3/4” x 11” (the Big Kahouna)

4. The Big Kahouna would be offered as a standalone also

5. I also want to offer a smooth paddle (Cherry, Maple or Birch, as available): 3 1/2” x 3/4” x 11”
Prices (not including shipping):
Basic Kit: $55
Extended Kit: $65
Big Kahouna Only: $20
Paddle: $22

US Shipping: $8 minimum for the first item. $1 for each additional item. 

What do you think? I’m going to take new photos in the next few days.

Mark Schlicher
"Chipping Away: The Life And Legacy of Sculptor William Edmondson"
(615) 294-5671


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Stamps for Clay

Yes,   we make stamps for clay.

Custom Stamps

They are custom stamps made form engraved brass with a solid handle.   We can do any size (  from a pin point to 12″ x 12″ plate.

Brass Memorial and Name Plates for awards

We can do it all.  Memorial plaques or Name Plates for desks.

Please do send any questions and artwork to   Would love to help.




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Custom Wood or Leather Brand for Branding Iron

Custom wood or leather burning branding iron

Here is the link to order the stamp online:  Custom Branding Iron Brand

This is the branding iron that is designed for the stamp on  Here is the link and image of the branding iron that the stamp is setup for.   If you have a different branding iron already with a specific base size attachment requirement let me know.

Weler HD Branding Iron
Weler HD Branding Iron

Great for branding leather

Connie Branding Iron
Custom Brand for COG

Get the branding iron and send the stamp design when it is ready.

Place the order for the custom brand.

I’ll have it out to you in a couple of weeks.




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Custom Plastic or Rubber Stamps?

Do we make plastic or rubber stamps?

We have looked and tried to make plastic or rubber stamps.   The product is inferior for use on clay.   I’m not happy with them.   After a few months of working with them, plastic and rubber stamps can be obtained else where.

We have the best price guarantee for all our stamps.   Meaning the best product at a competitive price (often better) compared to plastic or rubber stamps.

I do not recommend plastic or rubber stamps for clay, soap, wax.

Or impression into any thing for long term durability.

I might change my mind on the plastic.


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Free Shipping and other discounts


Free Shipping

For those that have come this far…   Curiosity Pays Off  “fs” = Free Shipping

Discount Codes

google =  For those that have found us on Google (or from any where else).  10% aka free shipping.

Multi Stamp discounts if you buy more then one.

2x = 10%  (Like the Free Shipping)

3x = 10%  (Like the Free Shipping)

4x = 15% (if you are ordering four stamps then get a fifth one.)

5x = 20% (buy four get the fifth one free)

You can always order more then 5 stamps and use the 5x discount code.   Shop online here!

Questions about How to Order a Custom Stamp?  FAQ – How to upload and place orders.  or Please give me a call at 816-565-4300.

Providing the Highest Quality Custom Brass Stamp.  This is an engraved brass stamps for Ceramic artists, Polymer clay artists, PMC artists, Tile makers, Brick, Glass embossing and Pipe manufacturers.

FAQ How to Video:  Custom Stamp Link to

Instructions and Tips to making the best custom stamp from Signatures, Initials, logos and hand drawn designs in the world!!

Thank you very much!


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Artists should sign their work!

Should artist sign their work?  Yes!   Exactly!!   Every time exactly the same clean impression.   Send a copy of your signature for an exact duplication of the original.

Every Time!!



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Gift Certificates??

YES! Gift Certificates!!

We do Gift Certificates!   They do not expire.   Please just select the stamp size for the certificate you would like from the Shop.   Complete the order online.  Please include the “google” coupon code for free shipping.

Complete Order

Then, Once the order is completed send me a note that lets me know.   I’ll create a certificate and send it out to the specified person / address!   Or directly to you to include as part of your gift to your special friend!  It is great to have a friend like YOU!




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How to upload and order a stamp?

How to upload and order a stamp online.

Please send an email with the copy of the image with your size to   I will check out the image and confirm this is good and or make suggestions.   If all is good please place the order online for the size of stamp you would like.

This is a short video of creating a signature for a brass stamp.

Turn around time.

I’ll have the stamp ready for you in a week or two.

Other FAQs!

Other FAQs and things that are important.  (like a great discount for free shipping)

Thank you very much.


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Do we make custom brass stamps??

Yes,   we specialize in custom brass stamps.

Please send the art for the stamp design to

I’ll bounce back a reply to confirm the art work is good.

When you are ready to order go to for the stamp at the size you would like.

I’ll then acknowledge the order and send a proof of the stamp design for your approval.

Typical order turnaround is one or two weeks.   (maybe three if I’m out of town on vacation)

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How to make a Brass Stamp

This is a short video of creating a signature for a brass stamp.

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Are Microsoft Doc Files OK?

Sorry Microsoft there are a lot of problems with the way you handle fonts and spacing.

For best results with a drawing use a very fine liquid roller ball style pen on white paper (i.e. photo printer paper or similar). You can do many signatures or drawings until you get the look you like.  As for size the bigger the signature or image the better the detail in the stamp. Circle the image(s) you like.   Then scan the sheet and email the PDF, PNG or JPG image to   Please include a note of introduction, send links to your site and work, it is fun to make new friends from all over the world.

We do all our work in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator so PSD and AI files are welcome.  A screen shot of a large design works great in a PNG format.   Microsoft Word Documents are needing too much help with fonts and spacing issues to guarantee a good image from.

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Are there any size limitations for stamps?

Stamps of Any Size

We can create a custom stamp of any size.   We just sell them in one inch increments.   So if you would like a stamp at 3/4″ that is ok.   Please order the 1″ stamp and send the image for the stamp to with instructions.

Custom Stamp Sizes

If you would like a Custom Stamp Size an 6″ x 1″ stamp the same applies.    Send me an email to   I have special pricing for larger stamps and plates for production work.



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How to get the stamp art work to

When placing an order please send the artwork to me in any of the following formats.

.ai, .psd, .jpg, .png, .eps

Make the image of the stamp at the highest possible resolution for the best detail.




9040 Walnut St

KC MO  64114

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3 Steps to Make your own custom stamp

3 Steps to Make your own custom stamp

Step 1.)  Create your own custom personalized stamp idea on paper or computer.   Then scan or create the PDF file from your art work.

Step 2.)  Email the idea to me.   I’ll check it out and get back to you with any suggestions.

Step 3.)  Order online here:   You can pick the custom size down to the size of 1/4″.  Turn around on regular orders is 10 to 15 days.

We sell the custom personalized stamps to people all over the world.  Here is an image from a customer for a custom stamp with the Empty Bowls project in California.

Empty Bowl Stamp
Custom Personalized Stamp for Empty Bowls
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Personalized Custom Stamps

Custom Personalized Clay Stamp Creates Personalized Custom Stamps.   That is what we do.   🙂   Each stamp is engraved in brass, made by hand in the USA.   We even have a stamp that says “Made in the USA”.   Please do call if you have a question.

LeRoy – 816-565-4300

Here is a picture of a Personalized Custom Stamp for a person named Dan.

Custom Personalized Stamp for Dan
Custom Personalized Stamp for Dan

There are many more ideas, here is one for a Personalized Stamp for a coffee mug.

Personalized Stamp for Coffee Mug
Personalized Stamp for Coffee Mug
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Can I get a stamp that is smaller then one inch? or 1.5″?

Yes,  we can create a stamp of any size.   We just sell them in one inch increments.   So if you would like a stamp at 3/4″ that is ok.   Please order the 1″ stamp and send the image for the stamp to with instructions.



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Application Questions

The impression from the custom stamps are sharp clean lines.

Use the stamp after trimming is done.

If applying the stamp on a sprig, place the sprig in the work first then make the impression with the stamp.

The use of RIO or glaze to high light the lettering then wipe off the excess works well.

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What is your refund policy?


I hate to say this but there has been times when for one reason or another a stamp doesn’t work out as expected by the customer.   We make custom stamps by hand in a very competitive world market.   At the end of the day we can only offer credit towards another stamp or other product rather then a refund.


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Do you offer discounts for orders of more then one custom stamp made?

Yes,  Please use the coupon code 2x for two stamps, 3x for three stamps up to 5x for five or more stamps at a time.   I hope this will encourage groups to work together for multi stamp orders.


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What’s the quickest way to get a custom stamp made?

Please place your order online with a credit card payment.   As the orders come in each week they are grouped in sets of fifteen to twenty and made in batches.


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Can the custom metal stamps be used for soap?


Yes,   All custom metal stamps can be used for soap.  We have customers request custom stamps for leather and wood work too.


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Can custom clay stamp orders be mailed in?


Orders can be mailed in with a check with the order form from our website here:  Order Form.


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How do I order a custom brass pottery stamp?


We create each custom stamp from artwork provided by the customer.   This art work can be hand drawn then scanned to a PDF file then emailed with the order.


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How to Create a new order or account?

Here is a link to a quick video for how to create new orders and accounts.


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I CAN’T WAIT. I Have to Have the Stamp Made Now!!!


Please call, there is a small expedite fee.   The shortest turn around possible is five days.


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How long does it take to get a custom engraved metal stamp made?

Usually just a couple of weeks.   If you can place the order online it is the quickest.   As the orders come in each week they are grouped in sets then made in batches.  Orders usually take at the most two weeks to get processed.   Sometimes I’m on vacation for a week or two so I’ll let you know of any delay.


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Can you look at the image for the stamp?

Yes,  Please Send us a copy of the image to be made into a stamp.   We will review it then respond asap. Send an Email with the image for the stamp here.


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Can we talk?

Yes, Please do call with any questions. LeRoy 816-565-4300. I’m a potter too so I might be sitting at the wheel. Please leave a message if I miss you. I’ll call back.

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