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Empty Bowls – Send a bowl

Clay Stamps is a proud supporter of the Empty Bowls project. As a potter the Empty Bowls project allows me to help people in need. The proceeds from one bowl can feed families for .17 cents per meal.

Please consider giving today to support your local Empty Bowls project. Or send a bowl to us. The story of stone soup is a reminder of how we all can work together to help.

All bowls donated will be part of the Empty Bowls 1000 bowls project. Proceeds will go to the Houston food bank.

Send to: Empty Bowls – 8518 De Moss Dr. Houston TX 77036

c/o LeRoy Grubbs

Thank you


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Lucrative Ways to Earn Extra Income as an Artist

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Be Creative – Be Fearless – Be Free

Author Vanessa Holwell 11/2021

Working in the art industry is far from secure. Artists can have a tough time earning a living, and many hold part-time jobs to supplement their limited income. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Artists have many opportunities to diversify their earnings and generate passive income, whether it means selling merchandise, producing courses, or freelancing on the side. Here are some great resources to help you monetize your creative skills and earn the money you deserve!

Sell Your Art as Merchandise

Merchandising your art is a great way to create passive income. This process involves creating a piece of art and reproducing it onto shirts, mugs, hats, keychains, and anything else you can sell!

  • Use Custom Stamps to stamp your art with your logo before selling your originals.
  • Produce your merch through print-on-demand companies like Printify and Gooten instead of holding inventory.
  • You could also sell DIY craft kits that enable your customers to reproduce your art on their own! 

Build a Freelance Side Gig

If you have some free time to fill, consider selling your creativity as a freelancer. You could do anything from web design to business branding.

  • Monetize your skills in a new way by offering professional branding services to businesses.
  • Sell your services as a graphic designer, creating everything from logos to packaging materials.
  • Market yourself as a freelance illustrator, producing illustrations for blogs, newspapers, magazines, and graphic novels.
  • Consider expanding your skills and branching out into the web design industry.

Offer Online Classes and Courses

Teaching your skills to others is a great way to monetize your creativity! Start a YouTube channel or create a paid online course teaching people how to do what you do.

  • Decide exactly what you’re going to teach, from fundamental techniques to your personal artistic style.
  • Create compelling learning outcomes so people know exactly what they will learn from your program.
  • Host your course on a popular online course platform like Udemy or Skillshare. 
  • Over time, you may be able to build a lucrative YouTube channel by producing unique and engaging tutorial content.

Diversifying your income is a smart idea regardless of your line of work. For artists who are struggling to make ends meet, earning extra income through freelancing, selling merchandise, and creating courses is a no-brainer! Get started on your new side gig today!

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