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3″ Mug Stamp Thank you @juliettedavin

Hi LeRoy, here are the photos of the mugs I made with the stamp you created. The client loved them. Thanks so much!!

These mug design and stamp application is awesome!  Are you sharing this online?   May I?



Of course! Feel free to share whatever you like. You can tag the pictures with my Instagram @juliettedavin
I will make the order for the new stamp right away. Thanks again!

Juliette Davin 

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Stamp Shape

Round – Square – Organic?

Stamps can be any shape. There seems to be expectations that a stamp has to be round or square. Since I make these stamps by hand they can be any shape following the design. Here are a few examples of stamp designs.

Have Fun!


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Help Spotting My Pots

I’m a hobby potter, that first touched a wheel in the late 70’s during college.

Until recently access to a wheel has been the issue. After getting reintroduced around 6 years ago at Fountain Square Clay Center, downtown Indianapolis, I purchased an Amaco Kick wheel. Around 3 years ago, I moved up to an Amaco Treadle Wheel.  After Covid cancelled a class at John Campbell’s Folk Art School, I just purchased a Brent Model C last week with the refund.

The Indianapolis Art Center has a Wood Kiln, that has opened another door.  I’m starting a soda fire class in January.

I’m having fun, and with my wife having six brothers and sisters, I have plenty of nieces and nephews to take my practice pieces.

Working through community kilns, having your clay stamps helps spotting my pieces on the bisques and finished shelves.

Thanks again, I’m going to be doing more Raku, that’s the reason for “Not Food Safe”