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Website Critique?

Better WebSite Suggestions

How’s this website doing?   What can be improved.   Things I don’t like??   How are you finding Clay Stamps??

All suggestions are greatly appreciated!   Happy Holidays!

This is all about how to create a better site that is user friendly.   As the host of the website I tend to be too deep into the website to see the faults and problems the user experiences.   There are things that I don’t like, does that mean you don’t like them too?

The site is designed to work on a mobile device, on pads, laptops and desktops.   How do you see the site on your device?

What can be better?   The Good?   The Bad??  The Ugly???

Link to site:

Let me know.



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Combined Stamps

Combined a rubber stamp and brass stamp for this beautiful logo for Third Space Coffee.   The impression is made and then the rubber stamp is an overlay.

Third Space Coffee
Third Space Coffee