This is for stamps that are larger then 4″ x 1″ to cover the cost at a discounted rate.   The stamp is sold at $12.95 square inch.   So a 4 x 2 inch stamp is 8 square inches is $103.    A 4″ x 3″ stamp is 12 Sq. Inches = $155.  A 5″ x 2″ stamp is 10 Sq. Inches = $129.   5″ x 5″ is 25 Sq Inches = $323.

So for the example of a 5″ x 5″ inch stamp this order would be for a Quantity of 25.

Please do call and email / send in your design before ordering this stamp.   I would like to work with you on the pricing and discount for larger stamps.

This stamp can be used for any kind of impressible clay including PMC, Polymer Clay,  Soap and Wax.

Please send the image to me directly here:   I’ll reply asap to ensure the order is associated with the stamp by using email and order number.

This custom product brands your creations with your name, logo, symbol or event. Each stamp is engraved in brass. This allows for precise and detailed marking you will find no where else.

All you do is submit graphic (image) of what is to be made into a stamp.
Once purchased, we will send out a proof of the stamp from the original artwork. When we get approval the stamp will be made.

Thank you for your interest!!!!!    Please do email or call us with any questions you have.