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BLM TIP Mustang Rescue

So there are virtual auction adoptions every few months for mustangs! I can’t really offer mugs for each auction adoption because hundreds of people adopt in each online adoption and I don’t even have my own kiln yet, I use Melyns 🙈🤣. What I do plan on doing though is contacting the mustang heritage foundation which is the foundation that Runs the “TIP” (trainers incentive program). The program gets  mustangs gentled and adopted out-and the trainers are then paid a certain amount for gentling the horses in the short allotted time period. It pretty much gives these trainers incentive to gentle as many mustangs as possible ! But the program needs funding and obviously as many donations as possible so I was thinking of doing like 10-15 percent of my mustang mug proceeds going to that, once I can get everything mechanically correct along with my glazed and the correct type of clay that looks rustic enough, which I think I have found! After this next batch of everything goes well, Melyn thinks I’ll be good to go for orders! You should really watch this documentary called wild horse wild ride.  It about this even that’s held every year called the mustang makeover and the people’s journeys with their assigned mustangs! It kind of explains a lot, and is run by the heritage program! (I’m pretty sure)! My personal Instagram which shows most of my animal/ mustang stuff is @ali_greenberg87 and my pottery one is @lucias_terra. It’s hard to explain to the Instagram audience for my pottery one my project and the meaning of it but I’m getting there! Sorry for the essay! Watch the documentary! You will enjoy! 
This is the little mustang who I have been helping gentle, she’s the love of my life, her name is Ellie