@Bluehost Server is back up!

Just to let you all know.   FYI.   @bluehost our host for the website decided our servers were infected with malware.   They didn’t know how it happened.   We pay for security and assured protection.   Kind of like have to payoff the mafia.  The letter follows: Hi LeRoy, Thank you for taking website security seriously. Investing in … Read more

New Stamp – Debbie B.

Thank you Debbie!   Please, when you have a moment to spare, do share some pictures of your new stamps. **************************** Hello LeRoy Just a note to let you know my brass stamps have arrived and I am extremely happy with them!  They look fabulous!  Now today, I can get on with making some nice fancy … Read more

New Stamp for Happy Customer

Great shot of a new custom brass stamp for Linda G and some block letters. Greetings Leroy, LOVE the stamp I got today. Sending a pix showing the two I got from you.  Thanks they are great.  I shared your site with my potter pals. 😍Linda

Asking a favor!

Greetings!! Asking a favor. Please Google “Clay Stamps” to see where the site ranks on a world level. Send a screen shot of the search results for a discount on your next order. Can be shared with friends. Sincerely; LeRoy

Free Empty Bowls stamp

Get a free Empty Bowls Stamp when you register your event at EMPTY BOWLS – Caring one bowl at a time around the world. Add your Empty Bowls event to the map by sending information via the contact form.

Wendy’s Stamp!

Hi LeRoy, Here are photos of the stamp you made for me on a piece I trimmed today and on a bone dry bowl from last week.  Still getting used to it but it comes out beautifully.  Thanks again. Wendy

Clean up! Smooth Shiny Bottoms

Cleaning up the bottoms of cups and mugs to a glass smooth finish. Polishing the bottoms. The bottom of the form should be finished in a professional manner. This process is easy and provides a glass finish to the bottom of a ceramic form. And it is safe.     I use the diamond sanding disc … Read more